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About Us

Career Prep

Career Prep is a division of Polland Enterprises, LLC. We offer the following services:

  • Resumes
  • Cover Letters
  • LinkedIn Profiles


To help clients secure employment opportunities that are suitable, fulfilling and meaningful.    

 Unique Selling Points:

1. We are a New York State MWBE Certified company. 

2. We are environmentally friendly. 

3. We operate virtually. 

4. Our client testimonials attest to our high quality and service.

5. We are active community members.

Our Guarantee

We believe our first responsibility is the clients and customers who use our services. 

We believe our first responsibility is the clients who use our services. We commit to:
1. Provide our clients with the best possible professional documents.

2. Be considered a client focused company.

3. Be considered an active business in the community.    

4. Serve clients nationally and internationally. 


($ least) ($$) ($$$ most)


"Amazing Services"

 I would highly recommend Ms. Polland if you need a professional resume or any of her amazing services she provides. -Benjamin

"Very Professional"

I personally have used this service and am very happy with the results.   Ms. Polland provided me with insight and was very professional. I would  definitely recommend. -Maylene

"Extremely Helpful"

I am so happy I signed up for Career Prep. Ms. Polland was professional, fast and extremely helpful. I have used her resume for several job applications and I immediately began receiving calls for interviews. I am so glad she was there to make this process easier. I highly recommend this service.-Carla

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Professionalism What's That?

We offer workshops to local organizations, businesses and groups based on Professionalism, What's That?

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