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Career Prep helps professionals and entrepreneurs look good on paper. We specialize in resumes and cover letters. We also design LinkedIn profiles.


"Amazing Services"

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 I would highly recommend Ms. Polland if you need a professional resume or any of her amazing services she provides. -Benjamin

"Very Professional"

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I personally have used this service and am very happy with the results.   Ms. Polland provided me with insight and was very professional. I would  definitely recommend. -Maylene

"Extremely Helpful"

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I am so happy I signed up for Career Prep. Ms. Polland was professional, fast and extremely helpful. I have used her resume for several job applications and I immediately began receiving calls for interviews. I am so glad she was there to make this process easier. I highly recommend this service.-Carla


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Hey CaTyra. I just wanted to say Thank You. I got accepted to Grad School which starts this upcoming Wednesday. I appreciate everything you have did for me. I truly truly appreciate you a lot. I’m pretty sure I will ask for your services again just because your outstanding in what you do. Thank you again.

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