CaTyra Polland

President/CEO, Polland Enterprises, LLC


In 2016 CaTyra’s friend and publisher, Ebony Nicole Smith inquired about an editor. CaTyra eagerly offered to edit her book. She submitted a sample edit, Ebony loved and the rest was history. The following year CaTyra launched Polland Enterprises, LLC.  


Polland Enterprises, LLC is a company that offers writing and editing solutions such as developmental and copyright editing. CaTyra has worked with several authors to prepare their books for the publishing stage. She loves helping authors polish their work.


CaTyra is also a published author. Her debut book, Professionalism, What’s That?, outlines the elements of professionalism. The book touches on phone and email etiquette, how to dress for success, conflict management, code switching and other related issues. The book is an introduction or refresher for employees, volunteers and business owners. It serves as a guide on behavior conduct appropriate in formal and informal settings.  It is available on Amazon (paperback or e-book). 

One of her passions is encouraging other entrepreneurs. She loves talking with business owners about their experience and supporting their efforts. She launched an interview series, Rochester on Deck (a division of Polland Enterprises, LLC) that highlights residents who are doing good in and for the community. She admires people who work for good even in the face of adversity.



· Board Member, Court Appointed Special Advocates 

· Executive Secretary, Rochester Black Authors Association

· Founding member, WomELLE

· Professional Development Co-Chair, Rochester Young Professionals



· Going to the beach and concerts

· Reading 

· Shopping

· Slam poetry

· Traveling

· Writing