Writer's Paradise is October 19, 2019 10am-2pm at Writers & Books.

Four workshops, brunch, camaraderie, networking and a small gift. Free for local high school students. Discount rate offered for college students.

What is Writer's Paradise?

Writer's Paradise

Writer's Paradise will come to fruition October 19 ,2019, 10 am-2 pm at Writers & Books. The writing forum will feature a diverse lineup of sessions and speakers designed exclusively for the needs and wants of writers and authors—whether you’re working on your first book or have already published a few. 

Registration is now live, and you’ll lock in your best rate when you register by September 19 Ticket prices increase September 19, 2019. 

You’ll experience four different sessions dedicated to novel writing, journaling, publishing a magazine and bold storytelling. No need to mix and match sessions, you can attend all four!


Whether you’re an aspiring author seeking to publish traditionally, or a self-published author seeking knowledge and guidance, you’ll find in-depth sessions offering up information you need to know. 

Entertainment, education and food are all in the works, but right now is the best time to reserve your spot at Writer’s Paradise—best pricing ends September 19


How to Write A Novel

How to Be Bold In Your Storytelling


How to Publish A Magazine

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Ebony Nicole Smith, Facilitator


Founder of Exclusively4Clergy

Session: How to Be Bold In Your Storytelling

Writing coach to clergy and teaches others how to effectively publish their manuscripts

Author of Eve’s Confessions, 5Harts and Wake Up To Your God Given Purpose

Associates degree in Bible/Biblical Studies from Midwest College of Theology

Kenny Jean, Facilitator


Founder and CEO of L.Y.F.E. Multimedia Group. His mantra, - L.Y.F.E. - “Living Your Future Every Day” is the driving force for his vision. 

Session: How to Publish A Magazine

In 2012, Kenny and his business partner became publishers ofOur Voice - The Magazine.   

Founder and host of Our Voice Talk Radio with Kenny Jean    

Kenny spends time reaching back by volunteering in a jail ministry and creating programs for young people with the L.Y.F.E. Journalism program.


2018 Rochester Black Men 

Achieve (ROC BMA) Nomination 

Outstanding News and Media Programming - Our Voice Talk Radio with Kenny Jean 

Nancy Steinkamp, Facilitator


Founder of Wisdom Writing, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and Journal Writing Instructor

Session: The Art of Journaling

Experienced human service professional who has learned that everyone has wisdom to share   

 Master of Science, University of Colorado   

Studied with the Center for Journal Therapy and Therapeutic Writing Institute and uses expressive writing as a tool for personal and professional growth

Corey Tanksley, Facilitator


Founder of Rochester Black Authors Expo (RBAE)

Session: How To Write A Novel

Author of B-Boy to Man: Freshmen (2014) the debut novel of his four book series 

Recipient of the Roc Award for best Author (2015)

Organized the very first Black Author Expo in the history of Rochester, New York

RBAE will be celebrating its fourth year in May 2018

CaTyra Polland, Founder

editor, editing, edit, author, authors, book, books, facilitator, facilitators, instructor, instructors, united states

Founder of Polland Enterprises, LLC and Career Prep

Author of Professionalism, What's That (2017) http://amzn.to/2zihhPs


New York State Minority Women Business Enterprise Certified (Career Prep)

Master of Arts SUNY Albany

Bachelor of Arts SUNY Buffalo

Richard McCorry, MC

Dr. Richard McCorry 
Nationally renowned presenter

Author of “Dancing with Change, A Spiritual Resp

Nationally renowned presenter

Author of “Dancing with Change, A Spiritual Response to Changes in the Church,”  and “Company’s Coming, A Spiritual Process for Creating More Welcoming Parishes

Bachelor of science degree St. John Fisher College in philosophy and religious studies

Master of Divinity degree from St. Bernard’s Institute

Master of Science degree in organizational management from Roberts Wesleyan College 

Doctor of ministry degree in transformative leadership from Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School

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Why You Should Attend

Top 3 Reasons!


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Learn More

1. You will meet other writers: I know that sounds obvious, but where else can you meet people who are at varying stages in their writing careers? Wherever you are on the road to success, you will meet others who have been there before and who are ready to help you. I find that writers as a group are very supportive. https://bit.ly/2uBH6oX

2. You will find lots of practical information you can put to immediate use! Whether you are a newbie or a pro, you will definitely obtain knowledge that you can use to make your writing better. https://bit.ly/2uBH6oX

3. You will learn something: Part of the reason you write is that your love reading and gaining knowledge. Human beings are hardwired to get excited about learning new things and writers' forums are always full of ideas and insights about the craft. https://bit.ly/2uBH6oX

4. Lunch is included! Who doesn't enjoy eating You will have the opportunity to eat, network and learn. Who can resist food, education and fellowship?


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